Why Hunt & Hustle?


Invest in Excellence

All Hunt and Hustle scissors are convex blades to ensure a razor sharp edge. Made from solid stainless steel, the blades are heavier than conventional scissors and deliver exceptional performance.




High-End Materials

The complex manufacturing process, similar to that of a Samurai sword ensures the excellence of each pair. Each blank is crafted from a single piece of the finest Japanese steel world renowned for strength and durability. Each blend of steel has been carefully chosen by Hunt and Hustle to provide best in class.


Convex Blades

The blades are hollow ground on the inside which provides an incredibly smooth cutting action. They deliver an exceptionally sharp edge and are the ultimate for slicing and all cutting edge techniques and hair styles. They are a joy to work with and deliver outstanding performance. They are an investment in your art.




Power and comfort

Hunt and Hustle scissors has been crafted with ergonomics and comfort in mind. Each pair comes with shorter offset handles for incredible balance and power, as well as superior comfort. They are designed to reduce fatigue and keep you cutting longer. The off-set design has also been proven to reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).


Tension Control

The low profile tension disc gives you a sleek feel, full control with easy adjustment and superior comfort. The Duke and The Ace are set with Teflon dampers, which absorbs shock and gives a super smooth cutting action with no need to oil the scissor.n and incredible comfort




Exceptional Value

Each Hunt and Hustle scissor delivers exceptional value for money in its price range. Through careful use and servicing the scissor can be returned to their original condition again and again. This way the scissor retains their value as well as their performance. They are an investment that can last a lifetime.