No Hustle Drop Policy Club

All Hunt and Hustle scissors purchased from the 1st January 2022 will come with our Unique Drop Policy Guarantee, an industry first in scissor purchasing.

When you purchase any Hunt and Hustle scissor you will be automatically join our exclusive No Hustle Drop Policy Club.

This means that if you drop or damage your scissors, post them back to us to the address below, with your return details we will send you a brand new pair. No hustle, no bad sharpening experience just a fresh pair of your favourite scissors sent straight out to you.

You will be allowed two replacements in your first year, and one replacement in your second year.

Exclusive Club membership will also give you discount deals for your next purchase, and access to our Side Hustle Club.

Hunt & Hustle  59 Booker Avenue, Liverpool, L18 4QZ


  • No Hustle Drop Policy is valid for 24 months from date of purchase.
  • Our Drop policy will not cover any damage maliciously caused by the user, including bent or snapped scissors, this will also terminate your membership.
  • The cost of returning scissors will be covered by you the customer and lost postage will not be covered by ourselves.