When styling hair, many shears and scissors look similar. And yes, their main job is to cut but the results you get from them are different. The two we’re going to be looking at in this article are texturizing shears & thinning shears. However, it’s important to note that the term “shears” is used mostly in the U.S. Whereas, the rest of the world uses the term “scissors.” For all intents and purposes, it refers to the same tool.

Here, we’re going to explore texturising shears vs thinning shears because it’s a topic that’s not elaborated upon often. By the end of this post, you’ll have a full understanding of what they both do and which situation calls for each.

Texturising Scissors Explained

Texturising scissors are used to remove large swaths of hair without thinning the hair out. You’ll notice them because they have large notches in them, typically around 12 to 16, with wide spaces between the notches. Stylists can use them to create volume in the hair while simultaneously giving the hair the desired texture they’re looking for.

Texturising scissors are used at the end of the hair and can be used for a variety of hair types: from thick and untidy to thin and curly. These scissors give barbers a lot of range in the styles they can achieve. If the client wants something completely new that stands out or something more lowkey, these scissors can do it all.

They can also be used for wet or dry cuts, making them a versatile tool any barber needs to have in their styling kit.

Thinning Scissors Explained

Thinning scissors look extremely similar to texturizing scissors (and that’s why they’re often confused with one another), but the gaps between the notches are smaller. They also serve different purposes and require different techniques.

These type of scissors feature somewhere between 28 and 40 notches and are used for blending and thinning out hair. However, they can also be used on many different hair types to create a wide variety of styles, making them essential for a barber to have in their style kit too.

When Should You Use Texturising Scissors?

Texturising scissors are perfect for those times when you can’t get the haircut to sit straight after using other types of scissors. They’re made for creating texture while also removing chunks of hair.

Other scissors can mess up the style when trying to remove those large chunks– texturizing scissors are designed to achieve style and cut away the bulky hair at the same time.

It’s important to remember that these scissors aren’t useful when trying to cut the hair length. However, they can be used in tandem with other types of scissors to achieve the desired style.

You can also use them to create volume and texture while layering the longer hair on top of the shorter hair.

When Should You Use Thinning Scissors?

Thinning scissors can be used at the end of the haircut to help shape and model the hair. It can also be used to soften up and blend the hairs into the style. These hair scissors can remove any excess bulk and provide fine detail to give the client the hairstyle they want.

They’re also useful for removing weight from the hair without it distracting from the already established style. 

Key Texturising Scissors vs Thinning Scissors Differences

Both scissors have similar designs. For example, there’s a smooth blade affixed to another blade with notches and teeth. However, the results you get from both are completely different. 

Let’s give a quick rundown of all the key differences between texturizing scissors and thinning scissors so you can accurately choose the tool when you need it most.

Texturising scissors are used to create texture, give volume, and remove large chunks of hair. When used, the shorter hair lays underneath the longer hair. This gives support and visible texture.

They work fantastically on many different hair types.

They feature large notches with somewhere between 12 and 16 teeth.

Thinning scissors are used to blend and thin out the hair. They’re very versatile and the chosen tool by many stylists and barbers because they can remove hair weight and achieve balanced styles easily.

They’re used at the end of a haircut to blend out cut lines without affecting the overall cut. 

Thinning scissors have smaller gaps and feature roughly 28 to 40 teeth.

Those are the key differences between thinning and texturizing scissors. Although similar in look, the results you get from each are starkly different. However, the most important factor is making sure you get high-quality blades from the right supplier.

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